Josh Barron always had an affinity for music. In his late elementary years, Josh played trumpet in the band. This carried on until he graduated high school. In that time, he had received two achievement awards for his playing, four gold medals for Solo and Ensemble contest, and had performed numerous solos for concert, jazz, and marching band. During his band years, however, he had learned a valuable skill.

At the age of eleven, Josh had received a keyboard for Christmas from his mom. Within a few months time, he taught himself how to play it. Soon after, he was able to play many things by ear. Two years later, Josh was playing Final Fantasy VII and after hearing Uematsu’s score, knew that he wanted to Josh Professional Picturewrite music someday.

Josh did not start composing his original works at first, but rather started to create arrangements from his favorite games. He went on to arrange music from Final Fantasy VII. First he had started the Unofficial Final Fantasy VII Piano Collection along with Joel Condon, which was abandoned after Square had released their own.

When he was 16 years old, Josh had played Kingdom Hearts. He was completely fascinated with the music, wanted to play the music on a piano. He looked online for sheet music, but couldn’t find any. There weren’t any arrangements of it anywhere. So, Josh decided to fix that problem and he arranged the music himself. He had released it on the internet at both Squaresound and Gamingforce Forums, and it quickly became a fan favorite. His music is now featured on some of the most popular Kingdom Hearts websites such as Kingdom Hearts Ultimania and

The following year, Josh was approached by his friend, Luke Nickel, to submit a Xenogears arrangement to Mustin of OneUp Studios. They were looking for the best arrangements to include on their Xenogears Light| An Arrange Album. In the end, Josh’s arrangement “Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People” was chosen to make the final cut.

Recently Josh released his official solo arrangement debut in the form of The ETHEReal String Project. To perform the music, Josh brought on YouTube artists Andrew Steffen and Andrew Stern along with pianists Kevin Won, Ramon van Engelenhoven, and KayThePianist. The album has been positively received by the media including Emily Reese, Famitsu, Original Sound Version, and Video Game Music Online. Josh also is an active member of the Materia Collective and has participated in their first three releases (Final Fantasy VII: Remixed, SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed, and Nibel: Ori and the Blind Forest Remixed).

Currently, Josh is producing and arranging along with other arrangers and musicians for The Travelers. This album promises to be unique by providing European folk arrangements of music from various JRPGs. Josh is also involved in at least six other productions this year.