Original Work

“Titan One was a game that I scored concept music for in the vein of Star Fox, Mass Effect, Stargate, and other Sci-Fi sounding works. I even found ways to implement some contemporary and impressionistic sounds to the music. The game ultimately did not get completed and so my score remained unreleased. I did write a good amount of music for it and I am currently working to finish the score so I can release it as a standalone product.”

“This is the complete music demo that I made for the game dOLLhOUSe. The project itself is unreleased. You will hear quite a unique collection of styles such as rock, electronica, acoustic guitar, small ensemble, all tied together with orchestral sounds. I even included some children songs but used in distorted and creepy ways. For example, in one of the pieces you can hear Mary Had a Little Lamb or the “Na Na Na Na Boo Boo” melody in the track “Children Are Ever So Innocent”. It is quite a mixture taking inspiration from games such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and popular artists such as Soundgarden, Linkin Park, and Metallica.”